Naoka Tosa

NAOKO TOSA is an internationally renowned Japanese media artist, born in 1961 in Fukuoka, Japan. After receiving a PhD for Art and Technology Research from the University of Tokyo, she was lecturer at Musashino Art University (1989-1994) and she was researcher at Media Integration & Communication Lab in Advanced Technology Research Labs.(ATR) 1995-2001. She was a fellow at the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 2002 to 2004. Currently she is a professor at Kyoto University and a visiting professor of the National University of Singapore.

Her works are collections at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the American Film Association, The National Museum of Art, Osaka and the Toyama Prefecture Museum of Modern Art, Nagoya City Art Museum, Takamatsu city museum of Art.

She has exhibited her artworks at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the New York Metropolitan Art Museum and the New York Metropolitan Art Museum, the Long Beach Museum, International Berlin Film Festival New media Division among many locations worldwide.

In 1996, she received the best paper award from the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia. In 1997, the L'Oreal Grand Prix for research combining art and science awarded her First prize. In 2000, she received a prize from the Interactive Art section in ARS Electronica. Also in 2004 she received 2nd prize for Nabi Digital Storytelling Competition of Intangible Heritage, organized by UNESCO2004.

She received a research funding from the agency for cultural affairs in Japan 2000, from Japan Science and Technology Agency2001-2004, from France Telecom R & D 2003-2005, from one of the biggest game company, Taito Corp. (they built "Space Invaders") 2005-2008, from the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) 2005-2008, from NIKON CORPORATION 2009-2010, from Nissan Global Foundation 2011-2012.

3rd prize for Independent Artist Selection National Computer Graphics Association (NCGA)'86(Anaheim California U.S.A.) (1986)

A Bronze Prize at The International High technology Art Exhibition (TOKYO/Japan) (1986)

Accepted for 2nd International Biennale Video CD 85 (Ljubljana YUGOSLAVIA) (1986)

Excellent work for NICOGRAPH'85 (TOKYO/Japan) (1986)

Second prize at the American Film & Video Festival; Video Art Section (New York U.S.A.) (1987)

Accepted for Video Culture Canada '87 (Toronto Canada) (1987)

Accepted for the San Francisco International Film Festival; Golden Gate Awards (San Francisco U.S.A.) (1987)

Accepted for The 21st Annual New York Film-Video Exposition (Metropolitan Art Museum N.Y. /U.S.A.) (1987)

Accepted for the BACA's 21st Annual Film-Video Festival (Jefferson Market Library N.Y. U.S.A.) (1988)

Accepted for ARTEC ‘89: First Nagoya International Biennial (Nagoya City Science Museum JAPAN (1989)

Accepted for SCAN '90 Video Art Exhibition (TOKYO/ JAPAN) (1990)  

Best Paper Award, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (1996)

First Prize, L'Oreal Grand Prix for research combining art and science Award (1997)

TELECOM System Technology Prize, The Telecommunication Advancement Foundation (1999)

Accepted for Interactive Art section in ARS Electronica (2000)

Winner of 2nd Prize for Nabi Digital Storytelling  Competition of Intangible Heritage,  Organized by Art Center 


Nabi under the official endorsement of UNESCO (2004)

Video Art Works (Permanents Collections):

The Japan Foundation, TOKYO (JAPAN)

O Art Museum, TOKYO (JAPAN)

Takamatsu City Museum, KAGAWA (JAPAN)

Image Forum, TOKYO (JAPAN)

Japan Film Culture Center, TOKYO (JAPAN)

Toyama Prefecture Modern Museum, TOYAMA (JAPAN)

Nagoya Prefecture Modern Museum, NAGOYA (JAPAN)

National Art Museum, OSAKA (JAPAN)

American Film Association, N.Y. (U.S.A.)


Accepted for SIGGRAPH Art Show '86 (Dallas Texas /U.S.A.)

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '87 (Anaheim California U.S.A.)

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '93: Machine Culture  (Anaheim California U.S.A.)3

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '99: Art show (California U.S.A.)

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '2004: Emerging Technology  (California U.S.A.)

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '2005: Emerging Technology  (California U.S.A.)

Accepted for SIGGRAPH '2007: Art show (California U.S.A.)


One Man Shows:

1985 Video Art works (North Fort Gallery OSAKA)

1985 Film & Video works (QUEST Gallery HIROSHIMA)

1987 "Computer Graphics & Video Art Exhibition" (Annex Plaza NAGOYA)

1990 Interactive Art works (Gallery Kousai TOKYO)

1992 "NEURO-BABY 'S BIRTHDAY" (Gurdean-Gurden Gallery TOKYO)

1992 Undeveloped Emotional body NEURO-BABY Ver.2 (IMUZU Bld. Mitsubishi socio-tech plaza FUKUOKA)

2000 Unconscious Flow (Art Center Nabi, Seoul Korea)

2003 ZENetic Computer (MIT MUSEUM Main Gallery, USA)

2004 ZENetic Computer  (Kodaiji ZEN Temple Kyoto/JAPAN)

2009 Sei Sei Rei Rei  (The World Heritage Kamigamo--jinja Shinto Shrine, Kyoto/JAPAN) 


Selected Invited Exhibition:

1981 Women Painter Exhibition (Fukuoka City Art Museum JAPAN)

1982 Video Independent Exhibition (Osaka Contemporary Museum Center JAPAN)

1982 Art Function Exhibition (Fukuoka City Art Museum JAPAN)

1983 Video Art Exhibition for New Generation (Komai Art Gallery TOKYO)

1983 Personal Focus '83 (Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum JAPAN)

1984 Video Cocktail (Komai Art Gallery, Ikebukuro Seibu Studio 200 TOKYO)

1984 Personal Focus '84 (Image Forum TOKYO/JAPAN)

1985 Video Culture Canada '85 (Toronto CANADA)

1985 Video Cocktail 2 (Gallery NEWS TOKYO/JAPAN)

1986 NEW VIDEO JAPAN (Museum of Modern Art N.Y. U.S.A.)

1986 NEW VIDEO JAPAN (Long Beach Museum of Art U.S.A.)

1986 Monveliarl International Video Festival (Monveliarl FRANCE)                                                            

1986 Australian National Broadcasting Systems ”International Video Art Section (AUSTRALIA) 

1986 Japanese Video Art Exhibition; Scanners  (Air Gallery U.K.)                                                               

1986 Video Cocktail 3 (Hara Art Museum TOKYO/JAPAN) 

1986 Camerino International Video Festival (Camerino ITALY)                                                                

1986 OPEN FILM BOX vol. 9  (Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum JAPAN)



1987 Festival International de Film Et Video de Future (Montreal, CANADA)                                                            

1987 Art on Computer (O Art Museum, TOKYO/JAPAN)

1987 International High Technology Art Exhibition (TOKYO/JAPAN)                                                                 

1987 ACM/SIGGRAPH traveling Art Show: 25years of Computers in the Arts.
        (California State University, U.S.A.)                                       

1987 Image de Future '87 (Montreal CANADA)                                                                   

1987 Video Select '87  (Hokkaido Prefectural Modern Art Museum JAPAN)

1988 The Brisbane International Leisure Center "Japan Techno Plaza" (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)                                 

1988 Video Festival; Japan Now - Sweden Now (Kalturhuset, SWEDEN)

1988 International High Technology Art Exhibition (Tsukashin Hall Kobe JAPAN)                                                          

1988 EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA FESTIVAL; MIAMI WAVES (Miami-Dade Community College, U.S.A.)

1988 Fukui International Video Biennale (Phoenix Plaza Fukui, JAPAN)                                                           


1988 Japan Leading Scientific Technology Art Exhibition  
        (Taiwan Prefectural Art Museum)                                                     

1989 4th Contemporary Art Festival - Image of Today
        (Toyama Prefectural Modern Art Museum JAPAN)                                                                     

1989 TEAM VIDEO GALLERY (World Design Exhibition Nagoya JAPAN)

1989 New Generation Computer Graphics Exhibition (Kawasaki City Museum JAPAN)

1990 Monveliarl International Video Festival (Monveliarl FRANCE)                                                                        

1990 Locarno International Video Festival  (Locarno SWITZERLAND)

1991 High Tech Art Exhibition (Ginza Matsuya TOKYO/JAPAN)

1992 18th Japan Society of Image Arts & Sciences Exhibition
        (Musashino Art University TOKYO/JAPAN)                                           

1992 NICOGRAPH '92 Special Exhibition [Virtual Reality]  
        (Ikebukuro Sunshine City Hall TOKYO/JAPAN)                                           

1993 ARS ELECTRONICA '93   -Artificial Life Art Exhibition - (Linz, AUSTRIA)

1993 A-Life World Exhibition (Tokyo International Art Museum/JAPAN)                                                  

1994 Broadcasting Week in NHK (NHK main Building TOKYO/JAPAN)

2006 Sense of Computer
        (Kyoto University Museum/JAPAN)                                                                                                               

2009 Cultural Computing “i.plot” “Hicth Haiku”
        (Kyoto University Museum/JAPAN)
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